Anthology 2018

Outer Limits : HidDen Lives

Each year, the Hillingdon Literary Festival (HiLF) publishes an anthology of local writing, one that specifically aims to champion and celebrate the interesting and diverse voices of our community. This year, the theme of ‘Outer Limits : Hidden Lives’ challenges the many misconceptions of the outer boroughs of London, and offers a spotlight on the brilliant talent and the multiple vibrant voices that make up the creative community of the London Borough of Hillingdon.

John Donegan, James F McDermot, Sola Janet Browne, Sarah Badhan, Samuel Green, Neil Parker, Michelle Stevens, Jonathan Pizarro, Hilary Lynch, Angela Narayn, Chris Miller, Jordan Friend, Andy Lewis, Vivienne Burgess, Eden Kofi Joseph, Jake Horowitz, Simon Engwell, Russell Christie, Taiwo Oyenola, Matthew Healing, Macauley Raymond Foster, Mark O’Loughlin, Lia Courtenay Harlin, Connor Smith, Adam Johnson, Vivien Brown, Aisling Lally, Luke Buffini, Iris Hontiveros Mauricio, Lorraine Collins, Christina Barnatsos

Edited by Sebastian Jenner

Illustrations by Jaqueline Chesta, Hannah Gravestock, Hilary Lynch, Thomas Ryan & Richard Wilde

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Congratulations to Russell Christie, winner of this year’s £250 cash prize. Head judge, Daljit Nagra, remarked that:

Honey Bees of Syria by Russell Christie would not be out of place in a Granta gathering of short stories. It melds the efficacy of honey production with the efficiency of mass exploitation. Knowledge that tempers the natural world also brutalizes it for gain. This astonishing story, with its subtle and looping sensual sentences exposes one man’s shadowing of the elite power-bases that suck life from Ukraine, Syria and vast swathes of Africa. A sophisticated and timely winner of the Hillingdon prize from a series of strong entries to the competition.

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