Diary Project

Suburban London Lives

The Community of Hillingdon Self-Reflective Diary Project

To mark the fourth Hillingdon Literary Festival (HiLF) held at Brunel University on 5th – 7th October 2018, the organizers announce a special one-off community research initiative, Suburban London Lives: the Community of Hillingdon Self-Reflective Personal Diary Project (CHSDP).

CHSDP is a project designed to create an archive of personal diaries kept by individuals for that three-day period reflecting upon each person’s relationship to and reflections upon their past, present and future life with regard to Hillingdon in particular, but also open to recording ideas and views on any other issues. This will be open to those originating from, living and/or working or studying in the borough.  When drawn together as a larger mass of self-reflective qualitative data, various researchers from the Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing (BCCW) hope to draw various insights from the diaries, through both close reading and thematic analysis.

The BCCW researchers have a long history of such research, used with the Fiction and Cultural Mediation Project (FCMAP) funded under the New Directions of Ageing project and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Once processed, the submitted diaries will be stored anonymously in the archives of the Special Collections of the Brunel University library. Entries will be accepted from over-18s only and must be in electronic form (paper submissions not accepted), to be submitted as two Word files (one with the entry, the other with name, contact details, and relationship to the borough).

Respondents should not identify themselves, other individuals (apart from public figures such as politicians, for instance) or organizations explicitly in their writing, but use initials or abbreviations of some kind. Please also avoid all libelous statements.

All diaries must be submitted electronically as an anonymized text file to LiteraryFestival@brunel.ac.uk by midnight  15th October 2018.

Entries must be also accompanied by an identifying file with your: Name, Email Address, plus details of contributor’s connection to the London Borough of Hillingdon.